Want Your Game To Be Popular? Easy! Follow Our 8 Lifehacks For Best Gaming Promotion

//Want Your Game To Be Popular? Easy! Follow Our 8 Lifehacks For Best Gaming Promotion

Want Your Game To Be Popular? Easy! Follow Our 8 Lifehacks For Best Gaming Promotion

Indie Game PR Developers Lifehacks for Gaming Promotion

Nowadays it is impossible (impossible is possible doesn’t work here, unfortunately) to promote your game without resorting to PR activities, and Urbrus would like to advice you 8 ways to promote your game efficiently.

1. First of all, carefully explore all the competitors on the market and find the key features of your project (even if you think they don’t exist – you still need to find at least any). You should be differ from competitors (and better for sure), this is why you have to find your super exclusive features. It will definitely help in PR activities attracting more diverse audience.

2. You should build a friendship with gaming journalists. That’s easy(nope)! Just explore gaming events list (exhibitions, conferences) and be sure to be there. Do not hesitate to get acquainted with the journalists (and do not forget to get their contacts! :)) and a couple of times unobtrusively mention that you are developing the game. Face-to-face communication plays a key role in building a relationships with a journalists and in the future time you will be able to contact them with a request to promote your game even just a little bit.

3. Then get acquainted with PR strategy of games with similar genre from other developers that would be very helpful to analyse further actions and choose fit game plan.

4. And now very important thing – do not forget to run social media. Reddit, Facebook, VK (for Russian-speaking audience), Twitter, Discord and many others social networks help you to engage gaming community, get feedback, and increase gaming audience.

5. Moreover, we kindly recommend you to keep a developer’s dairy, that’s what gaming community loves best of all, trust us! You could describe how you make the dream come true and share the most interesting details of game development.

6. Invent the way to have a direct contact with gaming community. For example, publish your game on Livestream channel and try to engage subscribers as much as possible.

7. Elaborate newsbreaks of your game taking care of writing and distributing of press-releases and press kit in time. Also it is necessary to make a trailers with key features and gameplay as a whole.

8. In conclusion, we would like to notice primitive thing – release date should not coincide with AAA-titles, with others similar projects, or with major gaming event such as Game Developers Conference because your game release has gotten misplaced among big news and in that case you may lose audience.

Hope, that article will be useful for you and if you decide that you do not have enough time to run such PR activities for your game (be sure we’ve mentioned main but a small part of gaming PR activities) – just let Urbrus know! We will be more than happy to help you!

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