Influencer Marketing: 6 Tips for successful cooperation with opinion leaders for game pr

//Influencer Marketing: 6 Tips for successful cooperation with opinion leaders for game pr

Influencer Marketing: 6 Tips for successful cooperation with opinion leaders for game pr

Influencer Marketing: 6 Tips for successful cooperation with opinion leaders for game pr

Influencer marketing is a great way to great game pr! Everybody knows, the popularity of Influencer marketing is increasing every year. And every developer try to fall back on influencer campaign in order to drive their sales. However, a lot of persons do not even imagine how to arrange well-done advertising campaign (no matter will it be game pr campaign or not) with celebrities. In that regard, today we describe 6 tips for successful cooperation with opinion leaders.

1. Find out what (or who) your target audience most probably trusts

One of the most important factor of Influencer campaign is the level of audience confidence. When an influencer says about the game, the audience is more likely trusts him or her than if they’re introduced via a more traditional form of advertising, like advertising on Social Media, Google/Yandex or Gaming Websites.

As a matter of fact, 89 percent trust social recommendations more than the claims made by the brands themselves. Just imagine how powerful would be video game pr if some popular Youtube/Twitch blogger will stream your game and show all game features directly to millions of fans.

2. Think about efficiency and focus, not about the number of subscribers

It is always better to work with Youtube/Twitch bloggers who connect with whatever you are promoting and his or her audience is interested in such products. Urbrus mostly work with games and everything related to gaming. We provide full spectrum of marketing services for your product. Find out more! For example, girls are not always following pretty girls on instagram, and sometimes instead of beauty products, it will be more appropriate to arrange VIDEO GAME PR campaign for a male audience there.

3. Provide influencer with complete creative control over the project

While you know your product or service inside and out, you don’t know how an influencer’s audience reacts. That’s why you need to be willing to take a step back and let the influencer have full creative control of how they present your offer.

Unfortunately, there are many brands use content that looks like “advertising”, and that is why it does not work. No one understands the audience better than the person who it “belongs” to. You can’t just ask a blogger to tell your game is the best game in the world.

4.Find feedback from brands that have worked with potential influencers in the past

When a client is considering for a new opinion leader for a potential cooperation who has posted for companies in the past, don’t be afraid to contact those brands and ask for feedback regarding their experience also it’s very useful to carefully review and analyze past posts. E.g. it is very simple to find a similar game review from specific Youtube/Twitch streamer and read all the comments! Analytics is the main and integral part of game pr.

5. Focus on building long-term relationships rather than on one-time deals

You should approach every influencer with a long-term relationship in mind, for several reasons. If an influencer proves to be a great fit for your brand you might want to entertain a more frequent posting schedule. The longer your cooperation, the lower the price.

6. Remember that influencers you use become an extension of your brand

You should to take a critical approach on the choice of gaming influencers and understand that it instantly expands your brand for different target audiences. A large number of subscribers and advanced levels of interactions is fine for sure, but if opinion leader publishes ambiguous and doubtful content, unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on your game or product no matter what it is.

Before you decide to hire an influencer, take a deep look at his or her past content. It might take some time to look over the past few months of posts, but it can also save you headaches down the road.

If you have no time or desire to understand the third biggest gaming market in the world (Russian) you can easily delegate all this things to Urbrus! Our agency is the perfect way to fulfill your ideas and needs. Contact us any time.

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