Why your influencer marketing does not drive sales?

//Why your influencer marketing does not drive sales?

Why your influencer marketing does not drive sales?

Why your influencer marketing does not drive sales?

If you run several influencer marketing campaigns on different channels, but it does not lead to sales, you’re definitely doing something wrong. There could be a number of reasons for this failure, let’s look at the most common. These tips are not only for the gaming marketing but for any other product or service promotion too.

Oops, your website is not prepared well

First up, before starting an influencer marketing advertising campaign, thoroughly test your site or any else platform where you sell your game or product. It is important to make interface intuitive and simple so the user could easily find whatever he needs. Even an ideally influencer with the desired target audience and the proper advertising materials will not help you if the ads link redirects a user to a shady website or game Steam page.

Advertising text does not sound great

Let’s face the truth: practically no one likes advertising. Therefore, the best influencer advertising is recommendation “from the heart”. Generally, “celebrities” and large influencers neglect of advertising integration. Small bloggers (up to 100K subscribers) more carefully and scrupulously refer to the nature of recommendation, so as not to scare away their already small audience. Also a common mistake of newcomer advertisers is to try to attract audience without using an “hot offer”or “last minute deal”. You could easily increase your influencer marketing campaign CTR and cut down CPA using simple methods to demand generation: discounts from 20% (e.g. by referral link or promo code) and special offers. A potential buyer should feel an advantage over those who have not seen your ads.

Seriously, who are all these people? Influencer’s audience identified wrong

The most common newcome advertisers mistake is to choose bloggers based on his or her content. It is wrong way, unfortunately. For example, girls are not always following pretty girls on instagram, and sometimes instead of beauty products, it will be more appropriate to integrate video games for a male audience.

Size doesn’t matter. Let’s talk about the bots

Still so many persons continue to pay attention to 1000000 subscribers but ignore minimum comments/likes. You lap it up, do not do it this way!  How to distinguish a cheater from an honest influencer? Banal advertence and intuition. First of all, compare the number of subscribers and the number of likes: the number of likes should be at least 2-3% of the number of subscribers. The smaller the account, the higher should be the percentage of engagement. Additionally read the comments: most of them should be relevant, more or less meaningful, and most importantly – addressed to the blogger. And last but not least, using specialized services, you can find the graph of the subscribers growth: as a general rule, a sharp increase in number of subscribers means buying followers.

Give a summary of this note

As you can see, everything is simple – you just need to act responsibly, given enough time to this process or deal with experts like Urbrus team. We hope our notes will save you from unsuccessful integrations with an appreciable effect on company’s budget, brand reputation and your confidence in the effectiveness of Influencer Marketing. Good luck!

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