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With offices in United States and Russia Urbrus agency specializes on the video gaming PR and marketing of the gaming technologies.

We provide full gaming support in Russian/CIS markets, from localization and adaptation of the project, organization of PR and marketing support in all communicational channels to the establishment of a distribution system.

We are a team of professionals with long-term experience in PR and marketing of games and gaming technologies.

Experience in working on local and foreign projects, understanding of the details, enthusiasm, and close cooperation with the best media in the country — this is a key to achieving success in the Russian market.

Since we’re based in Moscow we could arrange a publication talking with journalists face-to-face and sort out any issues directly at tasty lunch 🙂


We Offer A Variety Of Creative Services To Suite Every Need

Our specialists work comprehensively on development and increase of game technology recognition in Digital, press, and TV. By entrusting your project to us, you delegate essential aspects of work — PR and communication with media — to skilled professionals.

Based on your tasks and budget, we will develop a unique strategy for the establishment and expansion of information space, considering all nuances of game industry on the Russian market. We can provide you with such servicing once or on a regular basis. Our agency offers you a full range of public relations services.

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In our company, the development of a promotional event starts with a case study. Based on the data gathered, we start strategy planning, which allows determining such parameters, as goals, strategy, time, and budget. We develop a brief for media planning and promotional materials development, and design and launch an advertising campaign, improving its efficiency on key performance indicators, while monitoring KPI precisely.

The main types of advertising services we provide are as follows: Buying traffic, Context, Pre-rolls, Banners, Special Projects, Product placement, Integration, Opinion leaders

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Urbrus will help you to distribute projects on the Russian and CIS markets and abroad efficiently. Our extensive experience in publishing means that our company can bring our clients into contact with any distributors they need.

We will lead your project to the successful release by distributing on pre-order/ key sales platforms. Our team undertakes the search of distribution partners, controls the process of approval and signing of an agreement, and prepares the project for launch, and it will surely be of help to a client during an intense and busy period before release.

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Urbrus agency organizes seminars, press-tours, business events and arranges for the attendance at conferences and game exhibitions including “Igromir” — the first large-scale game exhibition in Russia.

We work diligently for the events and shows with its technologies to be organized at the highest level possible! And nonstandard solutions and personal approach will guarantee unique content and perfect management.

Driven by creative ideas, our specialists use modern technologies and cooperate with the best contractors in their work.

Since we are based in Moscow we could easily pick and install needed equipment and ensure the presence of an agency representative on behalf of customer on the event.

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It is well-known that SMM is the best way of distributing information online, which means that sound approach and constant presence in the social media will generate more interest in your project without a doubt.

Our aim is not only to attract and expand the audience in the social media but also to boost activity, which will give the client the opportunity to receive useful feedback from the community.

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Effectiveness analysis and determination of consistent patterns are the most important when it comes to product promotion and the increase in the work value. We make our recommendations on changes considering all nuances of the market.

Apart from permanent reporting (which also includes statistical information), and tracking of effectiveness, we pinpoint problem areas, correct and optimize them — and it is not just a general optimization, but the optimization aimed at certain tasks and goals.

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